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Dovetail’s debut album, “Mount Karma” (with a free download!)

Hey there!

We are submitting the new album “Mount Karma” by the UK six-piece alternative rock band, Dovetail, which was released worldwide October 29th via OK! Good Records, for review.

Produced by Beau Patrick Bedford, “Mount Karma” is an incredible 14 song journey that will surely captivate its listeners. Dovetail clearly draws much of their musical inspiration from 60s and 70s era rock and roll, tapping into the simple yet dynamic arrangements and huge-sounding vocal productions of bands like The Beach Boys, The Byrds and The Beatles. Still, the band is able to create a fresh and modern sound, with frontman Phillip’s voice channeling the likes of Tom Chaplin of Keane, or at times, Matthew Bellamy of Muse. 

You can download the full “Mount Karma” album on Noisetrade for free here:

You can also check out the full “Mount Karma” playlist on SoundCloud by clicking here:

As a testament to the band’s tremendous songwriting capabilities, Dovetail had the honor of winning the 2012 John Lennon Song Writing Contest in the category of Rock Song Of The Year with their song “Julie” which appears on “Mount Karma.”

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Dovetail Facebook:

For fans of: The Byrds, T.Rex, Keane, The Beatles.



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